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Nice simple metro map

Nice, simple, FREE metro map, scalable pinchable zoomable. Cant search for stations or have it plot optimum route between 2 stations with interchanges, but the DC metro system is relatively small so not too hard to figure (unlike Paris, etc.). Would be nice if there were a quick easy way to find the names of the 2 end terminus of a line so you know which track to get on (e.g. Blue line to Franconia or Blue line to Largo?) rather than scrolling/zooming to the other side of the map and looking for the terminus manually. Otherwise great for price, very helpful for my recent trip to DC.


Ah helpful in fallout and when I go to the US capital great app

Map ok, route planner doesnt work

Map view is ok. However, its not possible to get trip time as the trip planning function is obscured and not operative on iPhone 6s.


Trip planner has fields covered with other images, and ap has ads at the top. Better off down loading a pdf of the Metro map.


Trip planner doesnt work - images/ads/form fields overlapping. And whats the use for just the map without the trip planner? A screenshot of the image is just as good. Uninstalled.

Great Free App!

This app is great if you need a quick look at the DC Metro now and then. Good accurate map of all the stops. You can zoom in and out. Just what I needed. To all the bad reviews... THIS IS FREE! Delete it and go waste money elsewhere. There is only one small banner add at the top, nothing too annoying. I wish I could leave a review for all the dumb reviewers!

iOS 4 Broke this

Great app when it worked pre-iOS 4. Since updating Im simply getting a blank black screen. Its like the image just shows as black instead of the map. Id consider buying the paid version that is a bit more interactive if they could update the free one to work properly. Im not going to plunk down $$$ for a dev who has yet to update the app to be iOS compatible.

Black Screen

I just tried to download this app to help my husband plan his business trip to DC. All I got was ads and a black screen.

Useless after IOS4 update

After the update the map doesnt even show up anymore. Just a black screen and an ad banner. Thats it. Not what I need when Im in the metro trying to figure out my route quickly. :(( Deleted it after it would not work even after 20 trials.

iOS4 compatibility = ads?

This was a simple DC Metro Map. Now the developer has disingenuously used "iOS4 compatibility" as an excuse to stick a banner ad at the top. FAIL.

No Issues on iTouch with iOS4 July 6-11, 2010

App worked great. Single small ad banner across the top of the screen. Would have been better if able to provide metro lines with From/To input.

Nice simple reference to Metro System

Hate the ads. Would gladly pay a buck to get rid of them.

Nice and simple

Simplicity is nice. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I totally agree...

What zenstudent said is totally on point...I had the app and never updated, it was fine, now that it is ios4 ready it lags to show up and has an ad banner...why? greed...


When i went to D.C it was a dig help,love that it doesent need the internt cocction,in works under grownd!

Deleted it. Screen went to black once too often.

Uploaded DC Rider(free) instead.

Doesnt work anymore.

It used to work. But now when I click it all I get Is a black screen. Ive deleted and redownloaded it twice. Same story.

Simple is great

Just came back from DC and this worked perfect. I know how to use the subway; just needed a map.

Upgrade??? NOT!

After the upgrade to version 1.3 the map is now blurry and is worthless. I used to use the older version regularly. I will delete if not fixed within the week.


Used to be able to use this, but after the upgrade you cant read the station names because the zoom isnt working properly.

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